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Welda presents new line of aluminum pergolas for residential and commercial use. Louvered aluminum pergola shape is simple, modern and fashionable, economical and practical, exquisite and individual. Spend more time outside with a beautifully designed pergola. The Aluminum Pavilion system can be modified by customer request. We provide aluminum pergola installation through Toronto and GTA.



About Aluminum Alloy Louvered Pergola

It is a new type of sunshade canopy with excellent sunshade, heat insulation, rain proof, wind resistance, stable and durable functions. The precise louver structure technology and drainage system enable the blades to completely block the light and rain after closing, and resist the wind environment of 100km/h to minimize the interference of external weather on the sunshade space. The opening and closing angles of the blades are controlled by the flip of the blades to adjust the light and ventilation. It can also be combined with the lamp belt, ceiling fan and windproof curtain to form an ecological sunshine room, so that you and your family can enjoy high- quality outdoor comfortable life.

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pergola sizes
pergola advantage

Pergola includes:

columns, beams, flip louvers, motorized drop down awnings, LED lights, louver lamp belts, motor, remote control and other accessories.

Available sizes:

– 3 W x 3 L  x 2.7 H (meter)
– 3 W x 4 L  x 2.7 H (meter)

Detached and Attached Pergola Options

detached pergola
attached pergola

Features and Benefits

open angle

Great Open Angle
Blade opening and closing Angle up to 150°, according to the demand to adjust shading degree and air.

double blade flum

Double Blade with Flume
The louvers are equipped with side drainage systems. Even if they are opened after a heavy rain, the water will flow from the blades into the tank without drip.

hidden drainage

Hidden Drainage
The concealed drainage system allows rainwater to drain directly from the top of the louvers into the columns and then out through underground drainage channels.

flat load

Flat Load 100 kg
The column is larger and thicker, the beam is larger and thicker, the blade is wider and thicker, and the real material is more stable and durable. Snow pressure resistance up to 110 kg / square meter.

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum Alloy with Double Coating
Made of high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy, set strong wind pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, deformation resistance in one; Surface high density powder spraying, no corrosion, no maintenance, safety and environmental protection, 20 years do not fade.

dual drainage system

Dual Drainage System
Can effectively prevent the surrounding rain splash, the top surface can resist the duration of 2 minutes, the intensity of up to 40-50 ml/s/square meters of rain.

Pergola Frame Colours

pergola frame colors

Optional colours: Light grey, dark grey, white, dark brown. The main parts of pergola system are made of aluminum and powder painted.

Match with Windproof Curtains

pergola curtains

The pergola can be equipped with electric windproof curtain around. Oke motor, equipped with multi-channel remote control. You can control the flip of louver, light switch, wind curtain up and down.

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Aluminum Pergola Specifications

European style designThe Roman column decorative plate delivers luxurious appearance, three-dimensional elements design suitable for villa luxury, star hotel and other places.
LED lightingThe top louver is equipped with LED light belt, and the surrounding beam is equipped with LED light belt.
LED stripesFlexible silicone waterproof 5000K brightness Led strip lamp (standard with warm light, optional)
Motorized controlOko motor, equipped with multi-channel remote control,
You can control the flip of louver, light switch, wind curtain up and down. Can also separate independent channels, control each product lift. Each pergola set includes: Oko motor 1. Oko waterproof receiver 4. Transformer 1, multi – channel remote control 1.
DurabilityAluminum built structure. Wind pressure resistant. Corrosion resistant. Stainless steel accessories. Fast drain.

Patio pergola design ideas

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