The Transformational Power of an Awning on Your Balcony

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As the summer season settles in, the desire to fully embrace the pleasant weather becomes increasingly prevalent. Balconies, in particular, serve as a delightful addition to apartment living during these warmer months. However, it is unfortunate that many apartment owners fail to fully utilize these unique outdoor spaces. If you find yourself rarely using your balcony due to extreme temperatures, lack of light, or excessive exposure, allow us to enlighten you on the remarkable potential an awning holds in transforming your neglected outdoor area.

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Providing Shade and Shelter

Undoubtedly, the most apparent advantage of incorporating a retractable awning onto your balcony is the exceptional shade it offers from the scorching sun, as well as the shelter it provides from light rain and wind. With effortless control through a handheld remote or a smart device application, allow for the seamless opening and closing of the awning, effectively covering or unveiling your balcony at the mere touch of a button. Consequently, whether you seek to bask in the sun or create a cool oasis of shade, an awning ensures that your balcony becomes a haven of comfort, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.


Experience the pleasure of your balcony throughout the day and into the evening, even after nightfall, with the integration of an awning light bar. The highly efficient LED lights emit a warm glow beneath the awning, allowing for extended outdoor enjoyment. Additionally, the LED light bar designs are sophisticated and refined, providing a polished and durable finish with corrosion-resistant materials.


All of our awnings can be equipped with an infrared heater, which offers immediate warmth for you and your guests. Even in colder temperatures, you can relish in your balcony and maximize your outdoor space. Our infrared outdoor heaters are contemporary, secure, and exceptionally cost-effective, reaching full power within seconds of activation and converting 90-95% of energy into heat.


If your balcony is exposed to neighboring properties above, an awning is an excellent solution for added privacy from prying eyes. Simply deploy the awning for instant screening and enjoy the tranquility of your balcony in complete seclusion.

Find Out More

Now is a great time to order an awning for your balcony. If you would like to know more about how an automated electric awning could transform your balcony, contact our friendly and expert awning sales team – call (416) 667-1444 or email info@weldashading.com.

*Please note that not all styles of balconies are suitable for an awning. To find out whether your balcony is compatible with one of our awnings, please contact Welda sales team who will be happy to assess the property for you.

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