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Wood blinds are perceived similar to the most delightful wood covers. At Welda Solar Shading Solutions we are provided with basswood wooden blinds. These blinds are produced using the finest quality basswood. These genuine wood items give a variety of shading, grain surface and twisting relying upon the earth where the backwoods are developed and even the area of the tree where the wood is taken. These are for the most part normal wood qualities.

Basswood Venetian Blinds in the Interior: Features and Benefits

The main purpose of any blinds is to protect the living room from UV rays penetrating the windows. And today this detail of the decor has become an element of the stylish interior of almost every modern style.

Blinds made of wood bring into the room the power of a living tree, create a wonderful mood and peace. And also, unlike other types of similar products, are the most environmentally friendly.

Excellent fit wooden blinds in the interior of the cabinets, emphasizing the official style. In addition, these blinds are perfect for kitchen, living room and bedroom design. Blinds made of wood are always relevant for decorating a room in a classic style.

If you want to create a room in light colors, then you can use the white wooden blinds. They, unlike plastic blinds, do not burn out in the sun. These wooden products can be up to 7 feet wide. As a rule, they use special types of wood, often exotic ones, as their material. For example, horizontal blinds made of wood from bamboo are often made, but for a vertical blind, a wicker tree is often used.

In general, the choice of such products from wood is very large. Wooden blinds come in different colors, tone bars and with various decorative finishes. To ensure that these blinds have served more than one decade, they are applied protective varnish. In addition to wooden, there are also plastic blinds under the tree, which look great in the kitchen. Plastic shutters on wooden windows are resistant to high humidity and ready for regular washing. And also plastic blinds almost do not collect dust and anti-static.

However, in the kitchen, wooden blinds are appropriate, if the window is far from the working area. Most often, use wooden blinds in the interior of the kitchen with a classic style or in the style of country.

If your living room is decorated in an exotic style, then for completeness of the impressions you can use blinds made of bamboo. It is worth noting that there are still vertical blinds (otherwise called multifaceted) made of wood or other materials that can replace any curtains in beauty.

You can control wooden blinds either manually with a walking stick or a lace, or automatically – with a stationary switch or remotely.

With the clever designs, the blinds from the tree rotate about their axis, rise and fall. So the degree of lighting of the room is regulated: it is possible to darken a little or completely to be closed from sunlight.

The advantages of blinds made of wood on windows include the following:

  • They have a beautiful aesthetic appearance.
  • Reliably protect from extraneous views.
  • Keep the heat in the room in winter, and in the summer – cool.
  • They are safe for people’s health.
  • Give comfort, coziness and the necessary atmosphere in a room with any interior.
  • Easy to clean.

And although the blinds under the tree are easy to clean, but they should never be washed with water. As this will lead to deformation of the material and the shade of the bars will change. To clean the wooden blinds, it is necessary to use special tools, as well as a dry or slightly damp rag or simply vacuum them regularly and regularly.

In addition, minus the wooden bamboo blinds and others, from other types of wood, is that they easily light up. Therefore, it is better to install them in rooms with a dry and warm climate, and most importantly – away from the fire.

Types of blinds made of wood

Blinds made of wood are horizontal. Horizontal blinds are made of narrow slats (slats), which are connected with each other using a fabric or rope ladder. The use of a ladder made of cloth gives the wooden horizontal blinds a more elegant look.

Horizontal wooden blinds (photo below attached) have a huge advantage over other types of similar products. It consists in the fact that horizontal wood shutters can be attached directly to the window – this saves considerable space.

Basswood Venetian Blinds

Blinds on wooden windows are horizontal, not other varieties, are the best option if you have mansard-type windows. They are attached to the frame and closely adjacent to the window in an inclined position.

Basswood Blinds

This kind of blinds are made from woven wood. Blinds roll type look most elegantly and easily, look wonderful in the kitchen and in the living room. All these wooden blinds look stunning in the interior of any room and perfectly combined with a wide variety of curtains and curtains. However, vertical wood blinds can also be used as a separate window decor. In addition, the wooden blinds are divided into relief and smooth.

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