Fabrics for Awnings and Canapes

Stripes Style Awning Covers

* Be advised that colours may appear slightly different on your computer screen than in actuality.

LUMERA Awning Fabrics

No light, no color. With LUMERA, colors shine under a different light.

Light surrounds us day and night. Be it bright sunshine, moonlight or the great variety of colors of the artificial lighting in the city and countryside.

The smooth surface adds brightness to the fabrics that form Lumera’s quality– its luminosity is reflected in our special designs. We have managed to create an even smoother and more brilliant awning fabric by using smooth bright acrylic yarn in the weft: CBA (Clean Brilliant Acrylic).

What does this actually mean for the LUMERA sun protection fabrics?

  • A dense and smoother surface that enhances the self-cleaning effect
  • Colors have a brighter and clearer appearance
  • The soft textile feel remains

Awning fabric – LUMERA 3D quality
Innovation made exclusively by Sattler – the distinctly different awning fabric.

  • Remarkable tactile structures
  • Impressive effects due to the special light action
  • Improved dirt and water repellency properties

Solid Colour Textured Fabrics

Our premium awning fabrics are made from 100 % solution-dyed acrylic. This guarantees top-level functionality, outstanding UV protection and an amazing textile feel. Colors resist fading, and fabrics will not break down even after years of exposure to the sun.

Soltis Screens

The Soltis screen can be used for the vertical drop shade, retractable and removable front valance, side curtain and other custom panels. It is available in 2 openness factors. Soltis 86 has a 14% openness factor and has a more open weave. As opposed to Soltis 92 with an 8% openness factor and a tighter weave.

The French manufacturing group Serge Ferrari® is a leader in the flexible composite material sector. Serge Ferrari ® Précontraint features a high performance fabric that can be used for a variety of awningawning canopy and other shade applications.

Outdoor fabric awnings

Our outdoor fabric awnings are made 100% of acrylic spun-dyed fibre. Our fabrics are available in various patterns and are ideal for all types of structures and in every type of environment, but especially to upholster garden furniture fitting each mechanism perfectly. Our technicians will also deal with the setting and fitting of outdoor awnings.

Fabric awnings – all fields of application

– Fabric awnings for balconies
– Fabric awnings for terraces
– Fabric awnings for gardens and garden furniture
– Fabric awnings for outdoor commercial establishments
– Technical blinds
– Upholstery for garden furniture