The terrace system designed to identify an entry, protect or embellish a facade. It coordinates with the existing architecture and is offered in a wide range of styles and designs. The Sollo Terrace awning can be modified by customer request. We provide installation through Toronto and GTA.




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Sollo – Terrace Awning

The philosophy of the Sollo system is balance and harmony with nature, which is why the style of the terrace system is considered, according to modern trends in eco-design. Clear lines make the structure light and concise. The system looks great both in the open space and in tandem with the facade. Combining a sophisticated and innovative design with ease of installation, the system is a unique product for creating a comfortable space for your home or an outdoor cafe.


Width: max. 236”
Overhead: max. 236”
Fabric: Para Tempotest
Control: manual / automatic
Automatic: wired, wireless, solar, wind, rain sensors
Available colors: white, brown, custom color by request


Special acrylic fabric, waterproofed, does not fading, does not stretch, mold resistant. The valance also produced from the same fabric, the size and shape of it can be customized.

Assol terrace system

To existing structure

attach to existing assol

Attached to the wall

attach to wall tent Sollo

Free standing system

free-standing awning Sollo

Sollo terrace system design ideas

We deliver and install awning systems over Toronto an GTA. The terrace system offers many benefits and unlimited opportunities. The system can be modified by customer request.