Windows Coverings Accessories

The weights for shades and blinds made by designers

Designer weights are exclusive accessories for classic curtains and for sunscreen systems controlled by cords or chains.
Designers Weights Materials: plex, metal, acrylic, leather, crystals

Designer chains for curtains

We carry metal and plastic bead chain in continuous loops or cut to length.

  • 2 – PLEX WHITE, C-20
  • 3 – PLEX GREY, С-21

A traditional plastic chain in Roman shades, roller blinds and Zebra shades with a 32mm shaft can be replaced with transparent Plex chains.

The chains are connected by chain locks or “endless” type of connection. Connection “endless” is mandatory for roller blinds of the A-65 system.

  • 4 – COPPER, C-25
  • 5 – ANTIQUE, C-24
  • 6 – GOLD, S-23
  • 7 – BRASS, C-22
  • 8 – BLACK, C-29
  • 9 – SILVER, C-26
  • 10 – CHROME, C-28
  • 11 – STAINLESS, C-30

Metal design chains are used in the following systems: Roman shades, Roller blinds and Zebra Shades with a shaft 32mm, 40mm, 65mm.

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