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You are already familiar with most of the reasons, why you already have window treatments such as blinds, shutters and shades in place. Some of the reasons why you might be considering having window shades in place is for the soul reason of privacy and regulating the light coming into the room. Well, there’s more of those reasons and some contribute towards a healthy and cost efficient kind of living.

Here’s a simple review of some of the importance having window shades in place, some of which you are already familiar with.


We all know that these window treatments play a vital role towards securing our privacy from the outsiders. It obscures the view of others outside the room while allowing sufficient light into the room. They are good for bedrooms where dressing also takes place.

Regulating light

Some of your rooms can do with some regulated amount of light, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Improving the interior decor

Widow shades are an essential addition to any room that needs to be attractive. These treatments also add up some elegance to the interior décor of your space by allowing sufficient light in to the room.

Protection from UV rays

We all know the effects of Ultra-Violet radiations from the sun on skin. Window shades allow enough light into the room while preventing the radiation from the sun from reaching the room.

Saving energy

The shades also lets you make maximum use of the daylight hence eliminating the need for lights to be switched on. Additionally, they facilitate free air circulation into the room, reducing the need to have air conditioners running all day.

Increasing value of property

Widows with treatments such as shades increase the estimated property value of your house as compared to the bare windows with curtains only.

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